Launches “Go Green” Campaign to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Posted on October 28, 2008. Filed under: Going Green | Tags: , , , | announces the start of a “go green” campaign to encourage employers and job-seekers to lower their carbon footprint by using video resumes and interviews.


JUPITER, FLORIDA – (October 28, 2008) – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 159,000 Americans that lost their job just during the month of September 2008. Those people join an already existing unemployment rate of 6.1 percent. It stands to reason that each of these people will be seeking a new position. If each job-seeker selects only a dozen jobs to apply for and sends a resume and cover letter through the mail there will be nearly four million sheets of paper used alone, not including the resources that went into the envelopes, stamps, and all the delivery of those pieces of mail.


Add into that figure all the drive time and gas that people will spend going on multiple job interviews and it’s easy to see just how much environmental damage will be created in the job-seeking process. Not to mention the fact that the U.S. Census Bureau reports that there are 154.5 million people in the country’s workforce, with almost 8 million of them a having two or more jobs at once and the median time on the job is only four years. Plus, this month’s newly unemployed will likely see similar numbers in the months to come. That will help to continuously generate millions of pieces of paper and resources being used monthly to find new jobs.


“There are a lot of people in the country looking for work. They can help the environment and make the process of finding a new job easier by using online video resumes,” explains Fred Morrill, president of, an online video resume service for employers and job-seekers. “Using video resumes avoids the drive time, which reduces the carbon footprint. Green living and online resumes go hand-in-hand.”


People increasingly see the benefits of “going green.” Using online video resumes and interviews is becoming another green living option that people exercise to reduce their carbon footprint, or environmental impact. Rather than driving all around town, or flying to other cities for interviews, employers and employees can see videos of candidates and arrange online interviews via Web cams.


By putting resumes online, rather than printing dozens to mail out, people are helping the environment. All the paper that is saved by avoiding printing helps to save trees, while avoiding mailing resumes helps to reduce the carbon footprint created during the delivery process.


“Job hunting can take a while, especially in this sluggish economy,” says Morrill. “The job interviews someone goes out on create pollution. Being environmentally friendly is in, these days. People are realizing the impact they have on the world around them. Green living involves making sound eco-choices, and that can start with a resume.”


Video resumes give employers an opportunity to view the candidates, hear their communication skills, and get a first look and listen, all without having to worry about scheduling in-person meetings. Those that would like to schedule interviews can arrange online ones, a convenient and green-living option.


“As more people keep green thoughts in mind and seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we feel online video resumes and interviews will be seen as a natural resume option,” adds Morrill. “Green living just makes sense, As well as saving all the paper, gasoline, and carbon emissions.”


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Online video and even email can reduce the use of paper products significantly. The Internet can be a very green friendly place.

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